Our Practices

We are a small sustainable family farm that takes great pride in our farm and the products we produce. All of our animals are raised with the love and care they deserve their entire lives. We are very blessed to have a top quality skilled butcher Jason Tarzia of Tarzia Meat Packing in New Milford, CT. Jason is a perfectionist when it comes to his work which helps us in offering top of the line meats. The animals are humanely handled from start to finish which reduces the stress on the animal and ensures a great tasting meat! All of our smoked products are processed by another Connecticut small business, Noack's of Meriden. Noack's is a small family business that uses German tradition in making our bacon, frankfurters, bratwurst, kielbasa, knockwurst, liverwurst, hams, and more!

We encourage you to ask questions to us or anyone growing your food, know your farmer know your food! Small family farms and businesses depend on constant local support! We make every effort to support our local processors, you supporting us is also supporting them and we all appreciate it!

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