Happy hens = Healthier and tastier eggs for you

  • Our eggs are guaranteed less than 1 week old
  • Our hens are ethically raised and fed natural feed and given as much forage as they could want
  • Our eggs are tastier and better for you
  • By buying our eggs you are supporting a sustainable local economy

Why are our eggs so expensive?

Because it takes a lot more resources to give hens a more natural life.

Quality feed costs more, as does purchasing feed in smaller quantities.

It also takes significantly more labor to pasture chickens than it does to keep them in warehouses with automated climate control, egg collection, feeding & watering systems.

Because they're on pasture, the eggs have to be hand collected each day and muddy feet mean dirtier eggs and more hand washing.

All in all, once you include the initial investment in building the coop itself, the cost of the baby chicks, the expense of hoses, feeders, waterers which all deteriorate faster in the sun...

well, if we were just looking at the numbers we wouldn't be doing this.

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