What is a Farm Membership Share?
Farm Membership Share (FMS) is a program that has many benefits to you the consumer, and for us, the farmers.
By securing funds early in the year we are able to avoid costly produc¬tion loans, and plan better for the upcoming season.
As a FMS holder, your commitment entitles you to a discount for fresh organic produce, all natural meats, free-range eggs, and other farm goods available. You will be securing a food source close to home and providing for the long-term care and security of agricul¬tural land and open space in Connecticut. Together we will share in the risks and rewards of farming by accepting the fluctuations in the harvest caused by weather, woodchucks, or other adverse circumstances.

                                               You will be a member of our farm!

Market Style FMS is Simple!
You send us payment for the amount you would like to spend over the 27 week season and we will apply a discount to your account based on the date your application is received. Memberships received by March 30th will receive a 10% discount on all purchases and memberships received by April 30th will receive a 5% discount on all purchases. Memberships received after April 30th, 2018 will still be accepted however a discount will not be applied. Businesses with 5 or more shares will receive free delivery in lieu of a discount. Memberships are limited and member share applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

You will be issued a debit card pre-loaded with the amount you choose to spend. The discount amount will be added to your account balance at the beginning of the season for those that qualify. For Example, A $500.00 membership share received by March 30th, 2018 will have a beginning account balance of $550.00. A $500.00 membership share received by April 30th, 2018 will have a beginning balance of $525.00. Anytime you shop we will total all of your purchases and deduct it from your account balance.

It’s like having a prepaid account with us!
You do not have to order every week. Nor do you have to spend an exact amount.  The only requirement is that depending on your share size we ask that you spend a monthly minimum to avoid saving a bulk of your share until the end of the season. You choose from our variety of the days harvest, our all natural meats, free-range eggs, and other farm goods we may have available. The benefits of joining a FMS like this are you get to choose what farm products we raise you would like and when. Some weeks you may only want a head of lettuce and a couple tomatoes, the next time you may be planning a large party with a large shopping list.

When/Where can I use my FMS Account?
Our FMS runs late-May through late-November, a 27 week season!  Members are able to use their Market Style FMS beginning May 22nd with the last delivery being Tuesday November 20th (also turkey day pick up!). We are excited this year to provide you with the following ways to use your FMS: 

Day Vegetables at our Self-Service Farm Stand 9:00am-8:00pm

Meat Sales by Appointment Call/Text/Email Dana (203)598-9701

Litchfield County Business

Farm Store Open For Meat Sales 3:00pm-7:00pm Order Online and Pick-Up at Our Farm Stand at Your Convenience*
Monday                  X           X                  X
Tuesday                  X           X               X                X
Wednesday                  X           X                              X
Thursday                  X           X                X              X
Friday                  X           X                            X
Saturday                  X           X                  X
Sunday                  X           X                  X       


There are a limited number of shares available and they will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

$100.00 = (approx. $4.00/week)
(Must use a minimum of $20.00 each month)

$200.00 = (approx. $7.00/week)
 (Must use a minimum of $40.00 each month)

$300.00 = (approx. $11.00/week)
(Must use a minimum of $60.00 each month)

$400.00 = (approx. $15.00/week)
(Must use a minimum of $80.00 each month)

$500.00 = (approx. $18.00/week)
(Must use a minimum of $100.00 each month)

Litchfield County Business Delivery
Businesses in Litchfield County that have a minimum of 5 shareholders qualify for free delivery in lieu of a discount to that location once a week on Tuesdays. The only thing we ask is a cooler be provided to keep your goods fresh. Orders should be placed via our website by 12:00 noon Monday.


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