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The Assard Family has been farming in western Connecticut for generations. The original family farm was purchased in 1906 by Shaker Assard. Originally the farm started out as a dairy farm located om Woodcreek Road in Bethlehem. Years later James Assard, the son of Shaker purchased two farms located on Thomson Road in Bethlehem. James named his farm Percy Thomson Meadows after the two farms he had purchased, Percy Farm and Thomson Farm. For many years James and his wife Bernice operated Percy Thomson Meadows, a full functioning dairy farm. In later years as the dairy industry declined James and Bernice ran a roadside vegetable stand known as Gram'stand and raised replacement heifers, custom cut beef and hay as their main commodities. The Assard family continues to farm approximately 100 acres in Bethlehem, Connecticut where they produce hay, grass-fed beef, pastured Berkshire pork, pastured poultry, organically raised vegetables and more.

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